The International Association for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, more popularly known as IATCSOL is a voluntary, non-profit organization, which was officially formed in 2005. Its stated constitutional aim is to promote Chinese language teaching worldwide through its approved training centers.

IATCSOL grew out of two earlier organizations – The Chinese Language Education Association (CLEA) and The Chinese Language Teaching Committee (CLTC) in Taiwan where a group of Chinese Teaching Professors were deeply driven by their passion in promoting Chinese Language Teaching. The idea to form an organization was first mooted in the 2005 by the steering committee and since then the organization has not looked back.

IATCSOL went international in 2006 when its first chapter was launched in Taiwan. Since then it has launched working committees and approved training centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou in China followed by UK, Brazil, Australia, Europe and Central America. The aim of setting up chapters is to ensure that IATCSOL meet the needs of the varied Chinese language teaching situations and to fulfill its aspiration to be a truly professional Chinese language teaching association.
IATCSOL has trained more than 7000 members (or namely TCSOL graduates) from all over the world, most of whom are experienced and practicing teachers of Chinese under the same guided methodology. Our members are involved in Chinese language education in some ways and therefore, range from pre-school teachers to university academics. Our membership also includes professors and academic staff from renowned universities whose involvement in Chinese language education is an active interest in their field of professional development.

IATCSOL published its 1st in-class training course books in May 2008, being the first recognized course books to be used in all TCSOL training classes. It is currently under a revised edition for 3rd publication.

IATCSOL has authorized to form International Han Institute (IHI) as its worldwide network schools to offer Chinese language courses and teachers training programs. IHI operates its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and the first school was open in Brisbane, Australia following by schools in Toronto, Canada by end of 2009.

The general aim of the TCSOL conferences is to help bring teachers together allowing them to share experiences, acquaint them with current thinking in TCFL, introduce the CLT community to all CSL/CFL professionals.

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